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We are Naturopathic Doctors

Conditions We Treat

We treat patients for virtually all medical conditions. From chronic to acute, we set the environment for healing. Here are just some of the conditions our Naturopathic Doctors can help you with:

Chronic Pain
Heart Health
Fertility, Pre and Post Natal Care
Stress, Anxiety, & Depression
Sleep Issues & Fatigue
Pre and Post Operative Care
Skin Conditions
Chronic Infections
Digestive Health
Weight Management
Auto Immune Disorders
& Much more!

Reboot with BowenFirst™

Bowen Therapy is a gentle myo-fascial release therapy that works with your body to promote healing. Bowen Technique consists of gently rolling the fascia and skin over muscle and tissues all over the body. Through a series of directed moves with intermittant periods of rest to let the body integrate the treatment, the therapist is able to switch the body into parasympathetic healing mode while stimulating the nervous system to reset and process past trauma for relief.

As Naturopathic Doctors, we want our patients to have the most effective, gentle and non-invasive therapies and treatments available. We have found that Bowen Therapy is a great way to reset the body and prime it for healing and can heal or assist in the healing process of virtually all conditions, whether they are emotional, physical or psychological. We treat our patients with BowenFirst™ because it works.

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Tools We Use

Our Naturopathic Doctors will create a customized healthcare plan to align you with your unique health and wellness goals. Here are some of the tools we use:

“What Patient’s Don’t Say If Doctor’s Don’t Ask” ~Manon Bolliger

Here’s what’s inside…

  • Why your symptoms matter and how to work with them
  • How Scientific Research supports the notion that the Patient knows best
  • Why a Diagnosis does not predict the outcome in your health
  • What are you holding onto? What are you letting go of? Repressed and Expressed Pain
  • Coping Skills and the Placebo effect; a closer look at Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Emotions, Stress, Communication and Your Health

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