Batch Address Verification Software Advantages For The Small Business Owner

Batch address verification software can save your company money and time. In today’s competitive marketplace, the speed at which you can deliver your products and services can often make or break your business. And the process of verifying individual addresses can sometimes be more time consuming than verifying multiple ones. But this time-consuming process is unnecessary, ineffective, and expensive. batch address verification software can help reduce these errors by verifying just the individual phone number or street name in a matter of seconds.

Batch Address Verification Software Advantages

Batch address verification provides many advantages over traditional bulk mail address validations. For starters, it allows you to quickly determine who has requested to receive a response to their request for more information. This is because a program can take an address list and cross-reference it against thousands of publicly available databases to determine whether or not the information is associated with a known street address. These databases are updated regularly and so can always provide accurate results. Furthermore, these programs can also verify whether or not the phone number is a cell phone number or an unlisted landline, as well as whether it is a fax machine or a landline.

Most people realize that having large quantities of address lists isn’t necessary, as there are plenty of other ways to validate addresses. However, companies that rely on bulk email marketing campaigns still must verify addresses in order to deliver the mailpiece properly and make sure that all customers and clients have legitimate contact with the company. This is where batch address verification software comes in handy. It enables these companies to cut their list of invalid street addresses, fax numbers, unlisted landlines, and cell phone numbers in half without spending additional money on re-validating the data manually each time.

While traditional bulk mail validations services cost less than many other methods, they are not as effective. For example, when you purchase a three-year bulk mailing piece, you generally get a discount for every four pieces that you buy. However, when you make use of bulk address validation software, you are able to cut your cost down to almost zero. Of course, you will have to maintain manual records of validations for each individual piece, but if you want to run all bulk mail campaigns with one service, you can do so very cost-effectively using batch validation.

Another way in which bulk address verification software works best is when it checks against a customer database. You can validate addresses by matching them against the addresses in the customer database. In order to do this, you first match the city name and state of the customer’s residence, then select from among the city names, states, and finally select the state or country for which the customer actually resides. Then you simply enter the data.

In addition to verifying addresses against the customer database, another way in which batch address verification software can work very well is when it matches up an e-mail address with a postal code. If you have ever sent an email to someone and their response time was different from how you anticipated, you know how frustrating that can be. That’s because you did not verify with the right postal code. Many people still respond to unsolicited emails, regardless of whether they received a reply or not. If you used batch address verification services to verify the addresses that you send to customers, then any replies you receive would be guaranteed to be from people who actually lived at the addresses you provided in the list.


One last way in which batch address verification software can help you improve your company is by improving the quality of customer data. It is very common for companies to get incorrect data from their databases. This is especially common if the company only checks with the main server before distributing results to the various endpoints. When the database contains invalid data, it can prevent a lot of people from getting into your sales funnel. By using batch address verification software, you will ensure that every person who is authorized to enter your sales funnel is able to do so.

All of these are just some of the advantages of batch address verification software. Of course, there are other advantages as well. Some of those other advantages include ensuring accuracy, increasing customer satisfaction, preventing fraud, and increasing the efficiency of your system. No matter what business you operate, you should always make sure that the information you have on hand is 100% accurate. If it isn’t, you could very well lose out on a lot of revenue. Using batch address verification to make sure that your customer data is accurate will help you avoid losing out on revenue and increase your profitability.