Botanical Medicine

What is Botanical Medicine?

Botanical or herbal medicine is the practice of using plants and/or plant extracts in the prevention or treatment of disease. Various parts of a plant such as the flowers, roots, leaves, or oils may be used in a remedy. A remedy can be in the form of a tea, tincture, ointment, essential oil, poultice/compress, or capsules/pills.

Why Should I use Botanical Medicine?

  • Botanical herbs are an effective alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals.
  • Herbs are ideal for those who have sensitivity to pharmaceuticals, as botanical herbs carry fewer risks and side effects than their pharmaceutical counterparts.
  • Botanical herbs do not merely mask pain or suppress a symptom.
  • Botanical herbs excel in treating chronic conditions, as they do not burden the body with side effects and provide long term nourishing benefits.
  • Synergistic properties of plants can offer additional health benefits to improve overall health while being used to treat specific conditions.

What do we offer that sets us apart from other botanical medicine practices?

  • otherwise lose certain properties when prepared in other ways such as dried or extracted.NOTE: The fresh herbs are subject to seasonal availability and supply.
  • We do not do only botanical medicine, as we are also physicians. We are one of the few places that offer the ability to in an appointment, provide you with an detailed intake, a physical assessment, a diagnosis and the proper treatment or botanical prescription.