Fee Schedule

Treatment and Fee Schedule

We offer a variety of treatments, therapies, programs and packages so that you can take control of your healthcare and customize your plan to reflect your unique lifestyle, needs and wellness goals. Each of our practitioners offers a variety of treatments, please use the tabs below to browse each practitioners treatment options.

PLEASE NOTE: Naturopathic Doctors are primary healthcare providers. This means that most appointments and services can only be booked after your ND has taken your complete case history in an Initial Naturopathic Assessment. 

Initial Naturopathic Assessment $180
Assessment includes interview and case taking to create your customized healthcare plan, as well as your first Bowen Treatment. Approx 2 hrs.

Naturopathic Follow-Up Visit $90
Approx. 30 min

Initial Bowen Treatment $120
Includes brief assessment and first ‘Reboot’ Bowen Treatment. Approx 1hr.

Follow-Up Bowen Treatment $90
Approx 1hr.

Homeopathy Initial Assessment $275
Approx 2 hrs.

Follow-Up Homeopathy Visit $90
Approx. 30 min.

Initial Acupuncture Appointment $120
Appointment includes treatment plan and first acupuncture treatment. Approx. 1 hr. Please note that initial Acupuncture sessions are only available to existing patients. All patients must book Initial Naturopathic Assessment before booking an Initial Acupuncture Appointment.

Follow-Up Acupuncture Session $90
Approx. 45 min

Carroll Food Intolerance Testing $130
This includes the test which can be performed during any visit, and a 30 min follow-up appointment to discuss results after 1 week.

SPheNo-Cardiograph™ Heart Health Assessment $140
Approx 30 minutes. This includes the cost of the test and a heart health assessment and planning session with your ND.

IV Therapy $130+
Drips can only be administered after initial Naturopathic Assessment. Your practitioner will recommend what sort of vitamins and minerals you need in your drip based on your assessment. Approx. 30 min

B-12 Shots $15
B-12 shots can only be administered after Initial Naturopathic Assessment. Approx. 10 min.

Pap Examination $90
Approx 30 min.

Reboot Wellness Package $380
This package includes your initial Bowen Treatment and 2 subsequent follow-up Bowen Treatments with Dr. Manon Bolliger.

Youth Wellness Introductory Program $275
This wellness program is designed with the intention of introducing youth and their families to the services offered and the positive, healing impact that the program can have on their lives. This program includes a 1/2 hour introductory session with Dr. Manon Bolliger and 1 Bowen Therapy treatment. This introductory program can be used as credit towards Dr. Manon Bolliger’s more extensive youth wellness programs.

Youth Holistic Healing Program $1100
Created with gifted youth and children in mind, this comprehensive wellness program is designed to help young people manage stress and anxiety through a series of sessions focused on the body and mind. This program includes a 2 hour Holistic Cognitive Behavioral Assessment, 3 Bowen therapy treatments to “dial down” and initiate a calm, parasympathetic healing state, and a half hour follow-up visit to check in after 1 month. 5 Treatments in total.

Comprehensive Health Care Assessment Package $1200
This program includes 1.5 Hour Naturopathic Assessment, including heart health monitoring, Chinese medical pulse and tongue diagnosis and Carroll Food Intolerance testing by the Clinic Team.
It also includes a 2 hour Homeopathy and a 1 hour initial Bowen Treatment with Dr. Manon Bolliger.

Platinum Program $3000 + $1000/month
Work with Dr. Bolliger to create a custom healthcare plan that is right for you. May include homeopathy, cognitive behavior assessment, heart health assessment, acupuncture, Bowen Treatments, IV Therapy, Chinese Medicine, lab work and testing. All costs are included in monthly billing.