Not sleeping well?

Adequate sleep is absolutely essential to maintaining your health.

Your body and brain does most of its repair work while you are sleeping. Whether your insomnia has been life- long or recent onset, we have the expertise to help you achieve refreshing restful sleep. The best method for determining the reasons for poor sleep is a thorough personal history. Further investigations may include physical exam, blood work and bio-energetic scans.
Treatment options will depend on the causes of the sleep disturbance but will include sleep hygiene recommendations.

Bowen therapy may be used to restore balance between the “fight or flight” and “rest or digest” components of the nervous system – which is a common reason people can’t sleep. Diet modifications may be recommended since food sensitivities and certain aggravating foods can cause neurotransmitter imbalances. In addition, we provide Bio-electric treatments which restore balance to the nervous and endocrine system. Herbal remedies and supplements may also be useful in restoring overall balance to your system.

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