Weight Loss

Are you tired of losing and re-gaining the same 20 pounds? Do you cringe when you get on the scale? Are your clothes feeling tight and uncomfortable?
Excess weight can wreak havoc with your health and your self-esteem.
Imagine feeling healthy and energetic AND fitting into your skinny jeans.
With our safe, effective and fast acting natural weight loss program, you can finally drop the weight permanently.
Our program works for everyone – whether you have 20 or 120 pounds to release.

Most diets and weight loss programs fail.

Popular diet programs work in the short term. But because they are not sustainable and don’t address the underlying cause of excess weight gain, they are not a long term solution.
The vast majority of people who lose weight following a diet program end up re-gaining it all (and often more.)

Why it’s so hard to lose weight (and why our naturopathic weight loss program works, when others don’t)

We customize our program to match your situation, your lifestyle and your body. We work with the underlying causes of WHY your body holds on to excess fat.

How’s your blood sugar?

As you feast on sugary foods, your blood sugar zooms up. Alarms go off. Your body releases a hormone called insulin to bring your blood sugar back into the acceptable range.

Insulin then stores excess calories as fat in the event of a future famine. And high levels of insulin suppress two other important hormones – glucagon and growth hormone – that burn fat and promote muscle development.
We work with you to balance your blood sugar levels, so that excess calories are burned away instead of stored on your hips.

Are toxins making you fat?
Your body may be using fat cells to hold onto toxins in an effort to keep the organs from suffering damage. Every day, we are surrounded by a virtual toxic stew of polluted air and environmental chemicals. This constant toxic assault begins a slow decline in health. Our toxic environment is obesity’s little helper.
We use supplements and sometimes even intravenous nutrients to stimulate the body’s ability to detoxify. Once the toxins are flushed out, your body no longer needs the excess fat to store them in.

Weight Loss Success System

Our 12 week weight loss success system has 3 parts

1. A personalized, fast-acting, safe and natural plan so you’ll see results right away.

You’ll receive an individualized weight management plan combining clinical nutrition with supplements. We will start by determining what foods your body is having trouble digesting and causing inflammation in your body and design a way for you to eliminate those foods so you can start feeling better.
We will design a safe and natural diet that will re-program your metabolism and boost your energy.
Best of all, you won’t feel hungry.

2. Support during the crucial first 12 weeks so you’ll make it past the habit change crisis zone.

It takes about 45 days to change a habit – just over 6 weeks. Between weeks 3 and 6 people will struggle with change. Our bodies seem to release toxicity in a 21-day cycle, which coincides with the times of struggle.
If we get as far as the 7th or 8th week, we will do well, because our habits will be modified. The first six weeks are crucial times for forming new habits of lifestyle. That’s why it takes teamwork to be successful.
We’ll meet with you every week so you can finally reach for your goals and obtain them.

3. Lifestyle counseling to help you adopt healthy eating and enjoyable exercise habits in order to maintain your new and improved body.

We show you how to embrace a lifestyle modification so you feel better now and have a higher quality of life in the future.
We’ll find a movement program that works for you and your busy schedule. (We’ll even show you how you can sneak exercise in at the office while on the phone!)
We’ll show you what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and snacks in between. And how to make healthy choices when you go to restaurants and to friends’ houses.

We won’t just GUESS at what you need

We’ll conduct comprehensive clinical tests at the beginning, end and mid-way through the program so we can determine exactly what YOUR body needs and adjust the program so that you get results.
You’ll receive also receive a guidebook, instructions, and advice about nutritional supplements
At the end of 12 weeks,  we’ll re-test you to evaluate your progress.
If you’ve achieved your weight loss goal, we’ll prescribe a maintenance program.
If you still have weight to lose, you can continue on the existing program until you meet your goal.

You’ll get so much more than weight loss

Our program will help you:

  • Increase your muscle tissue
  • Increase your mental alertness and calmness
  • Reduce your waist and hips
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Reduce your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other chronic illness
  • Decrease your joint pains
  • Decrease your panic attacks
  • Decrease your emotional breakdowns