Heart Health

We are excited to offer the SPheNo-Cardiograph™ Heart Health Assessment.

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This test is sensitive enough to detect small changes in heart function that overtime can lead to big problems. When regularly monitored for changes, you can implement strategies to reverse heart disease before it happens.

Our SPhENo-Cardiograph™ assesses your Systolic Time Intervals (STIs) Ratio: a clinically proven measure to determine the health of your heart (1-5).

The Heart Health test combines two assessments, an electrical cardiac biosignal and a seismocardiograph (SCG).


  • Proactive
  • Non-invasive
  • Easily accessible
  • Fast Results
  • Clinically proven (1-5) Systolic Time Interval (STI) Ratio.Assessment

Stop worrying – and start taking action.

Customized treatment for your body

Our treatment protocol will address your body systems on many levels.
Lifestyle and diet are critical foundations for cardiovascular health.  We will work with you were you are at to ensure progress toward better heart health while reducing risk of injury.
Bowen therapy will be used to address many issues including: pain, lymphatic drainage, nervous system balance and ability to heal.
Botanical medicines, supplements and IV vitamin therapies may be used to correct deficiencies and exploit healing biochemical pathways.